We also provide common carrier, retail development, maintenance, loaned equipment, credit card processing, and environmental and safety services. Our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week delivery service keeps your business running at its full potential.

Our goal is to create sincere and long-lasting business relationships with our customers through outstanding customer service, a knowledgeable sales force and error-free, on-time delivery. Please feel free to explore our products and services andjoin our eClub to receive updates on specials and exciting events happening at Fast N friendly

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Whole sale Fuels Distributer


 FAST N FRIENDLY and its subsidiaries are leading distributors of wholesale fuel and other petroleum services in the MidWest. We offer programs and services to help your business grow. We strive for complete customer satisfaction throughout your entire purchasing and delivery experience. Let our knowledgeable and friendly employees assist you in meeting your petroleum needs. We are excited about serving you and look forward to helping you grow your business.

At FAST N FRIENDLY, we make it easy to keep your business running efficiently. We offer a full line of fuels, including branded and unbranded fuels, racing fuels, biofuels and additives. Our services include deliveries by transport and tank wagon to commercial accounts, municipalities, and convenience stores.

Ethanol is a type of biodiesel that you're probably familiar with - it's the same alcohol found in spirits! However, bioethanol is a renewable resource that you can create using agricultural feedstock, like sugar cane and potatoes. With recent advances, though, it's also produce bioethanol using algae! 


Biodiesel is used to refer to renewable fuels that can be burned in a diesel engine. Biodiesel is most often made from the oil extracted from a variety of plants, such as peanuts or soybeans, although it can also be made from animal fats. Vegetable oil needs treatment before it can be burned.